The state-of-the-art Sorenson Legacy Foundation High Performance Center, a two-story, 20,000-square-foot structure located northwest Jon M. Huntsman Center, opened in the summer of 2015.

The facility provides everything a student-athlete needs to achieve their peak level of performance—ranging from nutrition, strength and conditioning, sports medicine and rehabilitation, and sports psychology—all within close proximity to maximize time efficiency.

The ground floor features a 9,500-square-foot sports medicine facility and a 500-square-foot fueling station, while an expansive 10,000-square-foot strength and conditioning center resides on the top floor. Two exterior entrances are located off the southeast corner of the building, while a refurbished tunnel system connects the performance center to the existing HPER complex, the Jon M. Huntsman Center and the new Jon M. and Karen Huntsman Basketball Facility.

Strength & Conditioning

The second-floor strength and conditioning center offers 12 working stations, providing athletes with more efficient workouts and better rest intervals. It also includes an artificial turf running surface, measuring five yards wide by 35 yards in length, where sprint and plyometric drills take place to spare athletes the wear and tear on their bodies from working on hard surfaces.

Air pressurized Kaiser Functional Trainers, which allow athletes to train with greater variance and address weaknesses, have been installed. Video evaluation systems are placed at each station.

The strength and conditioning center also includes cardio equipment, medicine balls and elastic bands to perform numerous functional exercises.

Fueling Station

The fueling station, located adjacent to the lobby area on the ground floor, offers a variety of snacks to help athletes intake the necessary levels of carbs and proteins within the critical 30-minute window after a workout to help their bodies recover.

Sports Medicine

The new sports medicine area features 18 treatment tables—including one traction table—six taping stations, a hydrotherapy area, a functional rehabilitation space, cardio area, and three exam rooms.

The rehab area features Optojump, force plate, and a Delos postural proprioception system. The cardio area is highlighted by two Alter-G treadmills, which use air pressure to alleviate body weight so that athletes can start conditioning earlier after injury. Two Wattbikes were also added. The treatment area offers several modalities, including Game Ready, Dynatronics stim machines, a ThermoStim probe, Diathermy, Hivamat, and NormaTec recovery systems.

The expansive hydrotherapy area includes a plunge pool in the shape of a block U, half containing cold water and half hot water with a capacity of 20 people per side. It also houses a Hydroworks 2000 underwater treadmill equipped with cameras and television monitors, allowing athletes to watch their subsurface work.

Six offices for the full-time staff and one office for graduate assistants are also included, as well as an area to make custom orthotics, mouthpieces and splints.

The Utah Way

A 3 STEP Process used to Maximize Athlete Performance and Limit Athlete Injury Potential, both Mentally and Physically


Establish A Baseline

  • Physicals,
  • FMS Screening / Goniometer Examination,
  • Force Plate Testing,
  • Analysis of Kinematics / Joint / Muscle Movement and Mobility,
  • Force and Velocity Analysis,
  • Cardiovascular Breakdown,
  • Blood Profile,
  • Vitamin Deficiencies,
  • Concussion / Neurological Screening


Create an Individualized Plan, using a Data Driven, Scientific Approach – Every single athlete is different, and every athlete needs a plan tailored to their individual needs.

  • Example: Blood Work shows a Vitamin D deficiency – we will begin to supply that student-athletes with a daily dose to bring their levels to where they need to be.


Daily Implementation of that Individualized Plan, with 24/7 access to facilities, strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists, and medical staff – All right here in our own facilities at Utah

  • Each student-athlete receives hands on, daily interaction/work, at our own facility, with the proper specialists and medical personnel* to help implement their personal plan.

Meet the Runnin' Utes High Performance Team